Assignment 3

A “schizoanalytical” model of a section of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York, from 164th St through 167th St. First three images are historical renderings of the site: an architectural rendering of Executive Towers, a rendering of the underground levels showing the Concourse Subway and the 167th Trolley line, and an early, oil rendering of the Grand Concourse by its architect. Photos are from the site survey.

The Sketchup file can be found here.

PP-Current- lake- Axon-3

axon of what the lake used to be.

PP-No- lake- Axon-3

axon showing the removal of the force removal of the families living along the lake. they are being removed because developers are filling in the lake to make room for new upscale developments

PP-Future Axon copy

developers proposal of the new development – condo towers and residential town houses as well as places for business. the hope for foreign investors to buy these places and jump start the economy in a new way.