Assignment 3

Assignment3_Progress_Schizoanalysis Section Cut Storyboarding a Section Cut through Wall Street in the Financial District, from Trinity Church to the Water. Important points of interest: Ghost of the original Wall of Wall street, its twists and turns, not like the 1811 street grid Trinity church, its cemetery, the 4-5 Subway. The interior of the church as a spiritual treasure NYStock Exchange Building, its sunken trading floor, its barricaded exterior, "outside vs inside" culture. The inside of the trading floor as an economic treasure. Federal Hall and the Bill of Rights/Washington's Inauguration across the street from the House of Morgan. The juxtaposition of the two buildings embodies America's capitalist DNA. The House of Morgan was the metaphoric economic center of the world in the early 20th century. To the north the 8 story vault below ground of the Federal Reserve's gold stash can be seen. The Trump Tower across the street from Tiffany's. The Trump Tower is the tallest building on Wall St, along with the NSYE and the Deutsche Bank. The height of the buildings - their spatialized reality is a result of the cultural economics of this street. Skyscrapers were built to allow as many financial companies as possible to be located as close the the stock exchange as possible. However with today's technology, that proximity is no longer as necessary, and financial companies are moving elsewhere. Tiffany's is a prime example of one of the high end retail stores on Wall Street that retain the air of exclusivity and prestige. The Deutsche Bank - the last major bank on Wall Street. Residential conversions - previously occupied by financial companies, now being turned into apartments. The helipad on the East River for VIP bankers use.